Often asked: What Old Synagogue In Cairo Had Biblical Manuscripts?

What was found in the Cairo Geniza?

The Cairo Geniza, alternatively spelled Genizah, is a collection of some 400,000 Jewish manuscript fragments and Fatimid administrative documents that were found in the genizah or storeroom of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Fustat or Old Cairo, Egypt.

When was the Ben Ezra Synagogue built?

This famous synagogue in Fostat (Old Cairo) was called originally the synagogue of ‘the men of Israel’, built in the year 882 on the remains of the basilica of a Coptic church that had been sold to Jews.

What are the Geniza documents?

The Geniza documents were jewish writings from Egypt starting in the late 800s. They gave a detailed picture of economic and cultural life in this region. The documents, which include all sorts of writings from literature to court documents, show the large role that Jews played in the culture at this time.

What does the word geniza mean Class 11?

Geniza (pronounce Gheneeza) denotes the store-room of a syna- gogue or any other place in which papers covered with Hebrew letters were discarded. For according to Jewish belief, which has its parallels in Muslim and Coptic customs, no paper on which the name of God is found should be destroyed.

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How old is Ben Ezra?

Located deep in the winding alleys of Coptic Cairo, Ben Ezra Synagogue is the oldest Jewish temple in Cairo, dating from the 9th century AD.

Where is the oldest synagogue in the world?

The oldest active synagogue in the world is the Old New Synagogue of Prague in the Czech Republic, built in 1270s. The Ben Ezra Synagogue of Cairo has the honor of being the longest-serving synagogue in the world, having continuously served as one from 1025 until the mid 20th century.

Where is the Cairo Geniza?

The Cairo Geniza is a cache of roughly 400,000 pages of manuscript (and some printed) material that accumulated in the worn text repository (Hebrew: geniza) of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo between the eleventh century and the late nineteenth.

Where is Genizah located?

Genizah, also spelled geniza (Hebrew: “hiding place”), plural genizot, genizoth, or genizahs, in Judaism, a repository for timeworn sacred manuscripts and ritual objects, generally located in the attic or cellar of a synagogue.

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