Often asked: How Was James Treated The First Time He Asked To See The Synagogue Ch 22 Color Of Water?

What does James do on the bus to camp the color of water?

James understands from reading the newspaper and watching television that many white people are uncomfortable around black people. James feels it is his duty to protect his mother. Once, as he is sitting on a bus to go to a summer camp for poor inner city kids, he sees a Black Panther drop his son off for camp.

Why does James go back to Suffolk?

In August 1992 James returns to Suffolk to further investigate his mother’s past. James has to deal with much of the same anti-black discrimination that his mother, her boyfriend, and her husbands had to deal with at the hands of the Jewish congregation in Suffolk.

How did Frances treat Ruth?

Ruth’s only childhood friend from Suffolk. Frances wasn’t Jewish, but unlike many people in the community, she didn ‘t care what religion Ruth was. She was gentle, quiet, and kind, and did her best to make Ruth feel welcome in her house and in her town.

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Who does James know as his father?

James’s biological father, Andrew McBride, died when Ruth was still pregnant with James. Therefore, James always regarded his strong and good-natured stepfather Hunter Jordan as his father, calling him Daddy.

Why does Ruth say she’s light skinned?

To protect her children from stigma, Ruth led her children to believe that she was a light-skinned black, and until late in his childhood, McBride did not ques- tion her. When McBride did ask his mother whether he was white or black, her response was: “ You’re a human being.

What page is the quote God is the color of water on?

“God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.”( Pg. 51).

Why Rachel Ruth fear death?

They also immigrated to the United States. When her grandfather Zaydeh died, Ruth was very young. She explains that she thinks her lifelong, profound fear of death comes in part from her family’s response to death, which was to repress any mention of it.

Why does James think his mom won’t go to the wedding?

why does james think his mom wont go to the wedding? because she doesnt like weddings since she lost 2 husbands already.

What would Ruth’s father threaten her with?

2)What would Ruth’s father threaten her with?-Ruth’s father was threaten her with sending her back to Europe anytime he wants to, because he was a citizen. 3)How did the Russians treat the Jews?-Russians soldiers would come into Ruth’s mom village and line up the Jews and shoot them in cold blood.

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Why didnt Ruth want James to be a musician?

Why didn’t Ruth want James to be a musician? Ruth knew that Dennis had a hard time being a musician, and she didn’t want the same for her son.

What keeps Ruth from going insane?

To keep from losing her mind completely, Ruth remains in motion, riding her bicycle, taking bus rides, and walking around the neighborhood. James explains, “She ran, as she had done most of her life, but this time she was running for her own sanity.”

Who is Helen Why did she run away and refused to come home?

While Dennis kept private his own controversial activities in the Civil Rights Movement, James’s sister Helen quit school, became a hippie, and rejected what she labeled the “white man’s education.” One night, after an explosive fight with her sister Rosetta, fifteen-year-old Helen ran away from home.

How is the boy in the mirror different from James?

For much of his life James struggles to uncover his unique racial identity, but the boy in the mirror is free from racial confusion. Whereas it take James years to understand who he is and where he has come from, the boy in the mirror “didn’t seem to have an ache. He was free.

Why does Eddie Thompson laugh when he meets?

When Eddie sees James and finds out who he is, he laughs outrageously at the irony of the situation–a man who hates black people has a black grandson. What James discovers is that his grandfather was a bigot who hated blacks and cheated them at every opportunity.

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